Germaine Earrings PA9024 | Paola Vilas


Germaine Earrings PA9024

Germaine Earrings

Earrings in Sterling Silver with 18k Gold Plating.

Weight: 8,5g each
Height: 4,5 cm

In Germaine, three symbols are used to give the piece a sense of talisman. Hand, eye and medal are archetypes of protection and connection with spirituality.

The use of figures elicits the access to a visual awareness that connects the wearer to this sense of protection. And in Paola’s view, what is strongly felt becomes reality. The central idea here is that all individuals can generate their own energy field that protects and preserves their feminine energy.

The lines that make up the piece, including the shape of the medal, are faithful reproductions of a hand-drawn sketch by Paola, where she sought to detach herself from any formality and rigor to arrive at a simple, spontaneous and true stroke.

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