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Paola Vilas x Adriana Degreas

Paola Vilas dives into the tropical universe of the “Brasiliana” collection by Adriana Degreas to create playful and ‘solar’ pieces.

By combining Brazil’s imagination with surrealist tones, this collection proposes the female form as a theme.

Taking inspiration from Josephine Baker’s “Danse Sauvage”, the bananas gain prominence in Paola Vilas’ jewellery, as seen in the iconic wardrobe skirt. The hoops in the earrings are inspired by natural curves, alluding to the elegant sensuality of the Brazilian women and landscapes. “Brasiliana” not only contains beautiful and playful banana blossoms, but also consists of toucans that embellish the earrings. The collection then leads into brooches and also incorporates a long handkerchief as a pendant.

The collaboration advocates incorporating jewellery into beachwear, connecting the jewellery with beach fashion in a cool and audacious way.

With a vintage tone of jewellery, the limited units produced exclusively for Adriana Degreas will be on sale at the brand’s flagship store in São Paulo (Rua Haddock Lobo, Jardins).