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Marcela Earrings PA9017

Marcela Earrings

Asymmetric earrings in Sterling Silver with 18k Gold plating and natural pearls.

Weight: 9,7g / 2,6g
Height: 5,5 cm / 2,7 cm

In the shape of the pod there is eroticism and an analogy to female fertility. The opening, leafy, healthy vegetable exhibits inside itself pearls symbolizing purity. The fruit is, at the same time, seed.

The asymmetry in the piece represents, on one side, masculine energy and, on the other, feminine energy. The male aspect, characterized by a twisted arabesque, is also present in the female symbol, the pod.

Both fit the ear as if they were an extension of the wearer.

US$ 486.00 or 2x of US$ 243.00

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